Top Brazilian Sports Academy


Top Brazilian Sports Academy (TBSA) is dedicated to the overall physical, mental, and emotional development of young men and women through the enhancement of related sports skills, specifically football.  TBSA is convinced that with proper training, motivation and dedication, it is possible to produce a team of Olympic caliber players, both male and female, that will be ready to compete in the 2020 Olympics representing Iraq.


Top Brazilian Sports Academy is organized in a way to encourage and teach young people in each community to play football at the very highest level of their abilities and at the TOP level of competition. The ultimate goal is to help the player achieve the greatest level of self-satisfaction.

Our programs also provide opportunities for parents to appreciate and to show appreciation for the accomplishments of their player regardless of their level of play.


  1. To develop football skills and leadership qualities in shaping the character of Iraq’s next generation of leaders
  2. To generate resources for investment in sports and education development thus helping stimulate the economic growth of the country
  3. To create a platform for employment growth through Coaching, Administration, Maintenance, and Management
  4. To produce an international exchange program for students who excel in sports and academics
  5. To attract international attention and respect