TOP BRAZILIAN SPORTS ACADEMY and players make a mutual one-year commitment of participation, which lasts until the tryout period the following year. While you are playing at TOP Brazilian, we ask that you give careful consideration to absences so that the effect on other players is minimized. Regular attendance at practice sessions is required. 

TOP Brazilian expects players who represent the Academy to maintain high standards of personal behavior both on and off the field. We place great importance on academics and expect players to organize their activities to accommodate both schoolwork and football at high levels of achievement. We look to parents to ensure that their TOP Brazilian Sports players arrive at games and practices on time, attend with a positive attitude, and  participate in the improvement of the Academy in any and every possible capacity.

We believe that as a chosen member of a TOP Team this Academy temporarily becomes your academy.  As such we expect you to uplift your fellow teammates, to treat your competitors with respect, to honor your flag, to leave the fields in better condition than you found them, that you show respect for your coaches, managers, parents and teachers both on and off the playing field.  Furthermore, we believe that it is your responsibility to give your best performance in every practice and every game. 

You are the leaders of tomorrow and we expect you to never forget that, even when a poor call is made or you lose when you should have won.  If these expectations are within your reach, then TOP Brazilian Sports Academy is for you and we welcome you with enthusiasm.