TOP Brazil has developed some very specific guidelines for our Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Referees. It is imperative that you read, understand and follow these rules of conduct. 

We are convinced that by following these guidelines your team members and their pare

nts will develop the confidence to seek your help in taking their son or daughter to the next level of achievement and development.

1. Under no circumstances should a coach ever lay a hand on a player in anger or touch a young man or woman inappropriately.

2. Verbal abuse can be just as destructive as physical abuse and will not be tolerated in TOP Brazil. We all want to compete to win but character and respect is far more important than winning.

3. Staff and referees will make mistakes, bad calls, on and off the field, and not always agree with what you think should be done. Realize that we are all in this program together and that we help each other the most by working together. If you feel you have been wronged, take the matter up first with the individual PRIVATELY and if you still are not satisfied then go to a member of the Executive Team to discuss it.

4. A great rule to live by in management and coaching is this: “Criticize in private and praise in public.” Try to live and coach by that rule.

5. “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” That is the “Golden Rule” and it is irrefutable.

6. Teach your players to play to win while you also teach them to be fair, honest and respectful of others. It is easy to be gracious when the contest ends in our favor. It takes character to congratulate the opponent who beats you unfairly.

7. Remember that “assists” are just as important as goals. Rarely, however, does one happen without the other. Coaches and players should show equal respect for both. 8. No matter how bad the call, NEVER disrespect the referee by arguing with their call.

You will not change the decision, but you will display to your team members what disrespect for authority looks like. If you must refute the call, save it until half-time or the end of the game. Voice your opinion respectfully and privately. Consider this expression of dissatisfaction: “Mr. Ref, I think you missed that call and it may have cost us the game. Would you please be more careful next time? My kids work awfully hard to play their best and are counting on you to make good, fair calls every time.” You will get your point across and everyone will be happier the next day.

9. Give more than you take. Work harder than your players. Try never to play favorites.

10. SMOKING, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL is strictly prohibited at all functions associated with the Academy. Be a role model for your players and remember that kids will imitate what you do long after they forget what you say.

We believe that if you will incorporate these principles into your drills and skills building techniques, you have the potential to be one of the greatest coaches your players have ever had. Who knows, they may make it to the Olympics or World Cup someday and thank you for what you did to help them get there.