Info for Coaches and Referees

Each TOP coach must be Certified by TOP Brazilian Sports Academy, Kurdistan Football Association and the Kurdistan Region Olympic Committee.

TOP Brazilian Sports Academy has been licensed by KRG Ministry of Youth and Culture, Minister Kawa Mahamoud, and coaching training has been authorized by Mr. Safeen K. Ahmed, President of Kurdistan Football Association and Salah Hassan Khasro, President of Kurdistan Olympic Committee.

From September 8-11, 2012 the Academy will provide a 4-day, 28-hour training program, delivered by Alan Nixon, a highly qualified and certified coach from Ireland. Completion of this program will culminate with TOP Brazilian Sports Academy Certification sanctioned by the Kurdistan Football Association and the Kurdistan Region Olympic Committee.

The fee for Coaches Training and Certification is $100.

The Selection Process

It is the Academy’s intention to train a team of 20 coaching candidates (15 men and 5 women) and offer them the opportunity to earn a spot on the TOP Brazilian Sports Academy Coaching Team. We feel this is a manageable number of men and women to train and certify during the four-day training program mentioned above. The criteria for candidate selection are:

  • Football experience
  • Attitude toward young players
  • Attendance and Performance during the Training Process
  • Willingness to abide by the rules of conduct that apply to all players, coaches and staff

From this pool of trained and certified candidates TOP Brazil intends to select 8 coaches (6 men and 2 women) for the first season of play. Eight more we would like to offer an Assistant Coaches position and the balance of graduates be asked to be alternates for coaching and/or refereeing. We anticipate that by season two we will be need an additional 6 to10 coaches.

Those offered the opportunity to coach from the pool of candidates completing training will be invited to coach 3-4 teams in four select age levels. Each will earn a base salary of $250 per month for each team they coach. The coaching contract will extend for twelve months from October 2012–September 2013. One month (July) of twelve will be paid time off. Every other month coaches will be expected to work 24-40 hours weekly as the job requires.

Private Coaching

As a supplement base income, each coach will be offered the opportunity to provide private coaching for students whose parents wish to help them improve their football skills. Fees for 1 1⁄2 hour private coaching sessions are:

  • 15,000 ID Per session of 1:1 (A parent or responsible substitute assigned by the parent must attend for players under 12)
  • 10,000 ID Per player per session of 1:2 - 4 player

It is understood that Coaches may only coach players from the teams they personally coach. No cross-coaching permitted without Executive approval.

It should be obvious from the supplemental income plan above that your relationship with your players and parents will play a very important role in whether or not they seek your help in growing the skills and ability of their child. Be consistent, treat your players with respect but remember they require discipline. Foremost, you must be fair and honorable at all times. Anything less will reflect poorly on everyone. And one last thing, inappropriate touching of a player is cause for immediate dismissal.

Practice Sessions

  • U-7 and U-9 Teams will practice twice weekly for two hours and play at least one game each week.
  • U-12 and U-15 Teams will practice three times weekly for two hours and play at least one game each week.
  • Each week there will be a 2-3 hour coaches training session conducted by the TOP Head Coach and Executive Team member.

The Month of September 2012

The Academy’s first season does not officially begin until September 30, 2012, however coaches and assistants will receive a compensation of $300 for the month. Each coach will be required to participate in every session of Try-Outs, Selection meetings and Notification Sessions. There will also be team meetings, parent meetings and at least one day of grounds keeping in which everyone is required to participate. For dates refer to Calendar on last page of the Player Selection Process and Rules of Conduct brochure.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant coaches will earn $150 per team per month. Remember that they work with you but not for you, so please treat them accordingly. Many have just as much training and aptitude as you have. Also, they have the opportunity to work with you in group training sessions and earn extra pay but they are NOT required to do so.

Game Referees

For games played outside the Academy, Field Referees will earn 15,000 ID per game and Line Refs will earn 10,000 ID per game. The home team coach must submit and sign a Compensation Request Form indicating which referees worked your game.